Are you ready to accelerate your growth?

If so, then you have arrived at the right place. Automatik is the ultimate full-service marketing agency serving businesses and brands who want modern and affordable marketing services that will translate to increased sales.

We live in a state of constant digital transformation, and your brand is fighting daily to deliver the optimal experiences to attract and delight customers. Humans always buy with emotion and justify with logic. With so many brand touchpoints and ‘always on’ omni-sales channels, brand experience is more important than ever.

We believe the face of commercialism should be dignified, humorous, beautiful, compelling, and always human. And we believe that achieving those ends will result in better outcomes for everyone—our clients, their customers, and ourselves. There's to many agencies “creating ads to target consumers” when they should be creating experiences people love. So let's do that, because that's what drives new sales.

Smart brands don’t target consumers—they make friends and gain fans. When people are engaged with brands they are 50% more likely to click on an ad or find out more about company promotions or events. In essence, the effectiveness of their marketing is up to 50% more than their peers.

You probably know that if you take your eye off the ball for one second, this can start to weigh on the performance of your brand, typically in the form of missed customer acquisition opportunities, attrition of loyal customers, and, ultimately, loss of market share. If that has happened to you, it probably leaves you feeling stressed and frustrated. You might even feel overwhelmed when you start to consider what it takes to improve your entire brand experience across all channels.

We have worked with high-growth brands across automotive aftermarket, powersports, fitness, aviation, action sports and various small businesses and brands to help each of them reach new levels.

We work with a number of brands each year to help them get their brand to the next level and experience an acceleration in their growth. One client achieved a 2,000% ROI within 90 days from crowdfunding, another achieved a 468% ROI through a new mobile app within 10 months, and one saw a 69% increase in sales directly through their website within a year. These are just a few examples but, hey, who’s counting?

Our team has been carefully built from the ground up with a highly skilled group of talented individuals, who together develop innovative marketing solutions to meet and exceed your goals, in ways you might have never thought possible.

Our passion is helping our clients increase sales through a multi-faceted strategic marketing approach, and we're really, really good at it!


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VP-Client Relations

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Agency Director

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Account Director

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Media Director