The world of new-age marketing and brand development is full of potential and infinite possibilities. For businesses and brands looking to make their mark and stay ahead of the competition, it can all seem a little overwhelming at times. That’s where we come in. With the expertise to understand what drives consumers to engage with passion-driven businesses and brands; we work closely with our clients and help them to constantly innovate and expand with new marketing and sales opportunities. Our diverse staff of creative and analytical minds develops specific strategies to capitalize on these opportunities effectively and efficiently.

We are a full-service agency that pushes new boundaries and provides success across a wide variety of marketing, sales and brand deveopment projects for clients all over the world. We are a passionate team relentlessly committed to helping our clients force fate and push forward to make their next right move. Navigating the modern marketing and business development landscape requires experienced insiders who work deep inside the industry, speak the language and pressure the status quo to challenge the idea of what is possible.

At Automatik we get our biggest buzz from injecting new life into various marketing, brand and business development projects, while providing versatility, flexibility and scalability. Some may say we’re obsessed, and that’s ok, after all this is all we do 24/7, 365.


Business & Brand Marketing

We love growing businesses and brands of all sizes! We will dramatically grow your business or brand through a modern omni-channel marketing approach that will utilize several strategies within our arsenal. This is a broad and overarching service that leverages many of our service areas together tailored for your needs! We can also help you in creating a new business or brand or refreshing an already existing one.

Social Media Marketing & Content Creation

Social media is one of the most popular areas for marketing in the modern day. We can dramatically grow your social media accounts and help you engage with more customers! We will scale your content creation process and offer fresh perspectives that don't exist within your business. We use photo, video and graphic editing to create a steady flow of fresh high quality content.

Brand Ambassadors & Influencers

We love connecting passionate influencers to brands because it creates a more genuine connection with consumers and provides trackable value for brands. Influencer marketing is one of the best deals in marketing, it can instantly get your brand in front of the masses, radically grow your social media and ultimately impact new sales.

Sales & Business Development

One of our cornerstone services is our sales and business development service. We help our clients increase their sales through multiple strategies that include: outbound sales, new retail and distribution channels, e-commerce and marketplace (Ebay, Amazon, Walmart etc.) optimizations.

Online & Social Media Ads

We run over 100 online and social media ads for clients across all the major search engines and social media platforms each month and will create and manage your online and social media ads, ensuring the highest possible visibility and engagements. Our in-house designers will build the highest quality ads that generate real results!


SEO - Search engine optimization is an often overlooked and underutilized strategy on many websites that can have a real impact on your products and website being found by your customers online. We are the SEO experts, going deep and analyzing each web page and product ensuring you get the highest rankings on all the search engines.

Communication Strategy & Messaging

We dig in deep to find purpose and direction; always looking for that special bit of messaging that communicates authentically to your customers. We work hard to make sure your message is consistent, meaningful and gets in front of the right people.

Athlete Marketing & Sponsorship

We help pair brands & athletes together to create lucrative partnerships. Our goal is to arrange long-term relationships that are creative and will ultimately benefit all parties and provide a positive financial impact. We oversee and manage all sorts of professional sponsorships and esure the greatest ROI in the industry.

PR & Media Relations

A well crafted PR strategy can having huge impacts! We have relationships with all the major newswires and will oversee your press release campaigns and manage your media relations delivering the highest visibility of your campaigns. We will write your press releases and target specific industries and journalists based on your needs.

Websites & E-commerce

A well-designed and modern website is the cornerstone of your business or brand foundation and is one of the main ways to increase your revenue. We will build you an affordable website or e-commerce site that will convey your brand voice and as a result increase engagement, revenue and cultivate trust with your customers.

Event Marketing & Trade Shows

Events and trade shows are a very important part of the marketing strategy for many businesses and brands. We will produce and manage your on-site events and trade shows and create a powerful experience for attendees and will leverage engagement and lead-gen strategies as well as overseeing product sampling.

Licensing Services

We love licensing! We have succesfully licensed a number of major deals with multiple OEM's, brands and products over the years while producing millions of dollars in licensing revenue for our clients.











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